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Tackle your biggest challenges head-on with an experienced Coach by your side.


I'm Deborah Thompson, a certified executive coach and organizational consultant. My passion is helping clients make sense of complex challenges, creating clarity, focus and balance for themselves and their teams.

I work with purpose-driven leaders and organizations who are ready for meaningful, transformational, sustainable change.

Reality check - most of us don't have it all figured out.  We worry, over-think, over-commit, lose focus, get stuck, overwhelmed, exhausted. We doubt ourselves, lose confidence, and question our capabilities. And we need support.

Even if we sometimes don't know how to ask for it.

I can help. 


As a coach+consultant, I serve as a strategic thought partner, confidante, and guide to help you step into the possibilities you want for your life, your business and your team. I work with clients on a vast array of topics all designed to help you sharpen your skills, gain clarity and simplicity, and restore balance and well-being.  My goal is to empower clients to create meaningful changes that support personal growth and organizational sustainability. 

Whatever brings you to my doorstep, we'll start with an initial conversation to see if I'm a fit for your needs. If we agree to move forward, we'll design an individualized program that empowers you to create the impact you desire.


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Leadership + Well-Being Coaching

I coach leaders at every stage of the leadership lifecycle, on a wide range of topics from organizational strategy, to overcoming burnout, and career/life transitions.

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Team Building

I use proven tools like DISC, Gallup Strengths, Five Behaviors of a Team and WHY.os to help teams enhance communication, foster mutual respect  and improve  results.

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Nonprofit Board Governance

I work with nonprofit Boards of Directors to sharpen their governance practices, assess their performance, and clarify short and long-term organizational strategies.

More About Me

My background is in organizational leadership and strategy, combined with extensive training  in leadership psychology, health and well-being practices. I have over 30 years of experience in nonprofit governance, leadership and management, helping organizations become more strategic, more focused and more effective at delivering their missions. Today I coach and consult across all sectors - corporate, nonprofit, public, small businesses and individuals. 


My superpower is helping people and teams take a pause, make sense of the chaos, and create simple solutions that have tremendous impact. I offer strategic insights, honest feedback, practical tools and advice, and a safe and confidential space for real, transformative conversation.

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My Credentials:

  • ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

  • Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach

  • Certified Health Coach

  • Certificate in the Psychology of Leadership

  • Certificate in Nonprofit Executive Leadership

  • Certificates in Positive Psychology & Positive Intelligence

  • BoardSource Certificate in Nonprofit Board Governance Consulting

  • Nonprofit Lifecycles Consultant

  • Training in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

  • WHY.os Certified Professional

  • B.A. in American Studies

  • M.A. in Organizational Management

  • Post-Graduate studies in Public Policy & Management

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"One of the most useful benefits was helping me to take time to focus on my career goals. I realized the importance of setting aside time weekly to focus on important long term projects and goals, rather than getting caught up in urgent day-to-day matters." 


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