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I help leaders and organizations thrive.

Book a completely free 30-minute session. Ask me anything.

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Leadership + Well-Being

Coaching is no longer a luxury reserved for executive ranks - it's an essential investment for leaders at every level to learn new skills and adapt in our constantly evolving business climate.

Let's get real. As a leader you're expected to have it all - executive presence, high performing teams, exceptional communication skills, the ability to juggle unreasonable workloads - not to mention achieving bottom line results. 

Coaching is a 1:1 experience, time just for you to work on whatever matters most. Through coaching, I'm committed to helping you hone your leadership skills, become more confident, focus your priorities and strategies, and develop personal well-being habits to help you effectively lead your team, your career and your life. 

Culture + Collaboration + Results

Teams are the engine that drive organizational results. Yet why is that some teams thrive together, while others are rife with conflict and underperform? What's the secret sauce?

Investment in your team's culture and interpersonal dynamics can help your team collaborate more effectively, align toward a common goal, and improve outcomes. Teams that have a strong foundation of trust, mutual respect, and shared accountability simply perform better.  

Whether you're interested in a one-time training, ongoing consulting, or an in-depth assessment, I'll work with you to design a customized solution to help your team work better together. 

Staff Meeting
Board Meeting

Training+Strategic Planning+Consulting

Working with nonprofit boards is one of my personal passions. After 30 years of leadership  roles with local and national nonprofits, I understand the complex challenges of running a nonprofit. 

Serving on a board brings its own set of issues. You're expected to govern, fundraise, be an ambassador, and provide oversight to the organization - all on your volunteer time. Overstepping the boundaries between board and staff roles, or conversely, failing to understand or follow through on commitments, are some of the primary sources of friction at the nonprofit board level.

I can help! My services include training and retreats focused on Board 101 essentials, fundraising, interim leadership strategies and strategic planning.

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Assessment Tools

Many engagements start with one or more assessments to help jump start our learning journey. Depending on the situation, I'll recommend tools that can help us quickly identify leadership and communication styles, performance gaps, team behaviors, individual motivators, and many other aspects of leadership and team dynamics. It's like finding the missing piece to a jigsaw puzzle.

I'm certified and can administer the following assessment tools for individual leaders and teams.

  • Everything DiSC

  • Five Behaviors of a Team

  • Gallup StrengthsFinder

  • WHY.os

  • BoardSource Board and Executive Evaluations

  • 360 Performance Evaluation

  • Organizational Assessments

  • Positive Intelligence Saboteurs

  • Well-Being Satisfaction Questionnaire

  • Engagement Surveys

  • Wheel of Life

Every client engagement is customized to support your specific situation and priorities. Book a 30 minute free consultation so we can discuss your needs. If I'm not a fit for you, I'm happy to refer other coaches and consultants in my network.

Studying at Home
"I just want to tell you who much I appreciate you. Even when I think I am holding myself tenderly, sessions with you always seem to show me I could be more kind and gentle with myself.

Operations Administrator

About Me


Greetings! I'm Deborah Thompson, a professional ICF credentialed Leadership Coach and Consultant based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I have a deep background in organizational leadership and strategy, combined with advanced training in leadership psychology, health and well-being practices. 

In 2019 I made the big leap to chart my own path and create my own business. I've never looked back!

Over many years of leading teams and organizations, I've learned that my superpower is helping make sense of complex issues, clarifying objectives, and creating simple yet high impact solutions. I offer strategic insights, honest feedback, practical tools and advice, and a safe and confidential space for real, transformation to occur.

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